BALMAIN HAIR COUTURE – We work with Balmain Hair, one of the most well-known names in the hair industry. We do our best to guarantee the origin and quality of the products we use, so long as the products are used according to the instructions and the advice for use.

FAIR TRADE HAIR – We work exclusively with Fair Trade suppliers. This means that hair has been voluntarily donated and for which an honest price has been paid. Balmain has purchased hair in China for more than 50 years, for which women receive an average of six months’ salary for donating their hair.

MOISTURIZING CARE SET — The complete Balmain Hair Couture Moisturizing Care Line is now available in a luxurious gift set. This intensively nourishing collection for natural and colored hair is enriched with pure Argan oil. It revitalizes, protects and gives a natural shine and elasticity to hair. This unique product line is made with natural ingredients for soft, manageable, shiny, healthy hair.


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Uncomplicated, beautiful hair!
The SACHAJUAN Philosophy – This Swedish hair care and styling line has been developed and produced from the philosophy that hair care should be uncomplicated. This philosophy can be seen in the simplistic and minimal packaging of the SACHAJUAN products. Hair should be beautiful and the beauty of SACHAJUAN is that it should make everyone’s hair life easier.

The minimalistic design of the SACHAJUAN line is sprung from traditional brown glass medicine bottles, merged together with the white simplicity and elegance inspired by the salon.

Ocean Silk Technology –
SACHAJUAN products are created with Ocean Silk Technology, developed with sea algae, rhodophycea and chondrus crispus. These different sea algaes help boost moisture, shine and the overall natural beauty of your hair.


The purest and most luxurious natural ingredients.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics contain 100% pure natural minerals and pigments without preservatives or dyes. Mineral make up has a softening effect for sensitive skin, giving the face a natural and even appearance.

The pure minerals also provide protection against the damaging effects of sun, allows the skin to breath and doesn’t cause breakouts.


In addition to these products, we work exclusively with Redken Chromatics color products. Discover the ammonia free colors with Argan oil.